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What is Haveyoubeenhere?

Haveyoubeenhere is a social media platform specifically made to cater to travelers. As expected from a social media platform, you have a feed where you can see posts of the people you follow. But on top of that Haveyoubeenhere gives you the possibility to track your trips and put all your places on the map. It can also be used as a tool to discover new places around you based on hashtag or name.

How do I use Haveyoubeenhere?

Use Steemconnect to log in. Start creating posts and make sure the inputed data is correct! Afterwards Haveyoubeenhere can automatically generate your trips and mapview from the content you have added.


Every post in Haveyoubeenhere consists out of one or more waypoints. To add a waypoint you:

- Pick images
- Pick the place
- Write about your experience and check if the date and time are correct
- Optional: add a rating or tags for that place

This way Haveyoubeenhere can show all the waypoints individually on your map and on your trips, pinned on the right place! Isn't that awesome?

Can I invest in Haveyoubeenhere?

Yes, you can! We are currently actively looking for investors to lift the project up to the next level. If you have an interest in investing and require more details on the business model behind Haveyoubeenhere, please contact us at support@haveyoubeenhere.com

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