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Hi everyone @LivingUKTaiwan here with today’s #traveldigest. Hope you enjoying reading all the posts we’ve curated for you.

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Travel Digest

#1 Russian history city. Rostov the Great by @amikphoto

Rostov is one of the most ancient cities of Russia, the official numeration leads from 862 years. There are 326 cultural monuments on the territory of Rostov, a third of which are monuments of federal significance. In 1995, the Rostov Kremlin Museum-Reserve was included in the list of especially valuable cultural heritage sites of the peoples of Russia. Tourist center of the route “Golden Ring of Russia”
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#2 [WANDER WITH US TO]: Harry Potter Cafe @ Hongdae, South Korea by @wanderwithtwo

Back to the Harry Potter Cafe – this cafe boasts a crazy 5 floors! One of the floors being a pub which we just took a quick peek into but no photos. When you first see the cafe from the streets, you can’t help but notice photo spot to travel from nine and three quarters platform of Kingscross Station into the wizardry world.
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#3 Travel Diaries – Dambulla, Sri Lanka by @tggr

We didn’t have this place in our original plan, but since it’s proximity to Sigiriya, we decided to have a look. When you’re planning your trip there, do not be fooled about the distance which is only 70 odd kilometres from Kandy, it’s very bendy and up and down kind of road. You might have a comfortable car, but unless you keep your eyes on the road, it’s easy to get motion sickness.
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