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Travel Digest

#1 Arashan lakes – a walk through the clouds. Uzbekistan by @damm-steemit

We came to the Big Lake, took pictures there. Two participants from our group even ventured to swim in the lake. Although the water temperature here rarely rises above 5-6 degrees. However, with screams, they dived and swam a few meters. Honestly, I also seized bathing accessories but I did not dare to swim. It was painfully cold, even in a jacket.
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#2 The Ankobra Beach Resort – Ghana by @for91days

From the moment we stepped onto the premises, we felt more relaxed. This is an eco-resort, founded some years ago by a German-Ghanaian couple who recognized the potential of this beautiful and almost completely untouched beachfront property. There are a number of small lodges, set along a path in the verdant semi-jungle which has been left to flourish on site.
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#3 Chufut-Kale by @amikphoto

Traveling around the Crimea led me to one very interesting place. This place is called Chufut-Kale.This is the rock on which was once a city-state. Near this city were ancient cave settlements. Primitive people lived in them. And later the nationalities inhabiting the Crimean peninsula lived.This place is located in the district of Bakhchisaray. In these places, its own specific culture is still preserved. These are Tatar traditions, faith, lifestyle.
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