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Travel Digest

#1 Maruthamalai temple in Coimbatore by @elsaenroute

Maruthamalai temple in Coimbatore was one of the places I wanted to visit in Coimbatore. Even though there are many temples all along the way in Coimbatore, all of them colourful, this one was listed in all the sites for “Places to visit in Coimbatore”. Making the plan to the temple, my friend also jumped in since it has been a long time we have caught up with each other. The pre-plan was to take a bus to the temple from the Ghandipuram bus stand and reach the temple directly. Find this post on the map Find this user on the map

#2 Butterflies in Chatuchak Park , Bangkok. by @hangin

Today i visited Chatuchak park in Bangkok , Thailand i have been to this park before but it is so big that it takes several visits in able to see it all. Chatuchak park is one of the oldest public parks in Bangkok it began construction in 1975 on this land donated by the State Railway of Thailand and today they are still adding more beauty to this enormous area of land. On my visit this time not only did i want to see more different types of flowers but i was also more looking forward to seeing the butterfly section of this extraordinary park.Find this post on the map Find this user on the map

#3 The Trung Moto Bike Shop by @jacuzzi

Well, about a week back I bought a motorbike here in Hoi An. Its an (I think) a 3-year-old Honda Wave A (Alpha). I did some reading and should have done more. I read one post that said the Alpha version was crap, but I don’t know these things. Perhaps it was just a lousy bike that the author had? The person selling the Wave A I bought is a friend of the vice president of the English Langue School that hired me. Given this, I just assumed that the bike would be of decent quality, run like a charm, and be a win. 😀 If only things were so easy, right?Find this post on the map Find this user on the map

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